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Saturday, August 19, 2017

How many ears of corn to buy for canning

Iowa.  August is canning season, and sweet corn is king.  Most folks around here like to blanch and freeze their corn, but we like to pressure can it.  After it cools, it doesn't matter how long you keep it, it will be the same then as it is now.  Stuff in the freezer seems to deteriorate over time, and ours is small and full of meat.

We always raised our own corn, but this year decided to buy it instead from some friends who do a wonderful job, and devote our limited garden space to green beans, potatoes and sweet potatoes.  When we canned our own corn that we grew, I never kept track of how much it took to fill up a jar, so didn't know how much to buy.  I couldn't find the answer anywhere, so here it is.  4 1/2 ears per quart.  I have 2 canners, so that is 14 quart jars, and 5 dozen filled them perfectly.  These were normal sized ears, if you have small ones you ought to buy a few extra.   If you wanted to eat about a quart of corn a week for 30 weeks, you should buy 12 dozen.

Canned sweet corn is a pretty big job, but SO worthwhile.  Corn doesn't get any better than this here in Iowa.  And it is local, we know the producers and how they manage the operation, and even what variety it is they are growing, so we know this is good for us.  We believe our gardening, buying from the farmers market and preserving our own food is one of the most important things we do.  We believe that everybody if they have some opportunity should be producing at least some of their own food.  If you have a kitchen, this is something you can do, there will be a farmers market somewhere nearby and canning and freezing your own food for winter is fun!